M.W. Whites (February 2004)

Newly installed MRF incorporates the latest technology for the separation of mixed recyclable material. The system separates paper, card, mixed plastic bottle and mixed cans. The material is fed into the feed metering conveyor which controls the flow up onto the main inclined belt. The first sorting position removed the card and the second removes the large waste. The mixed material then feeds direct into the V-screen which is a newly developed product imported from the US. The V-screen allows the fines and small waste items to fall from the base while the newspaper and magazines are sorted over the top of the disc screen. The plastic bottle and cans continue along the base of the discs which are fed back onto the second sorting line.

The V-screen is a completely new design of screen with the discs running at 90 degree to the product flow, The main reason for this is to minimise the space required for the large production. The machines floor area only measures 3 x 3 metres which lends itself for compact high production systems. The unit is capable of processing up to 20 tons per hour of recyclable materials.The quality of the product can be controlled very finely with the angle adjustment of the disc arrangement, The angle of the total machine and the speed of the discs.

From the end of the v-screen the material passes under an overband magnet to remove the steel and then through an eddy current separator to remove the aluminium from the new clean plastic bottles, The aluminium cans are fed through our UBC baling machine.

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