textile bale breaker

Textile Bale Breaker

Take a look at the unique KME textile bale breaking system, the perfect piece of machinery for any serious textile recycling company.

The KME textile bale breaker pulls apart tightly packed bales of recycled textiles allowing them to be sorted and repackaged into bags/bales of desired volume. The bale breaker can be fitted with a tipper to feed loose materials or a walking floor for baled input. Being designed and manufactured by us with no imported components, the system can be modified to suit each customers specific requirements.

The KME textile bale breaker if perfect for feeding loose material through metal detection units, removing unwanted metal contaminated textiles - zippers, buttons, stud, staples etc. Improving the purity of the end bales. KME have various baler options for textiles once they have passed through the bale breaker with options of manual or automated function. 



Textile Bale Breaker


  • Can feed a bagging press to produce - 2, 5, 10, 12, 15 and 25 kg packs

  • Auto metal detection and rejection available

  • The walking floor as standard has a loading length of approx. 5 metres and typically holds 4 to 5 bales

  • variable speed control on the unit to allow easy control of the throughput

  • Can work alongside other technologies - metal detection, fibre detection etc

Watch the video below to view the bale breaker in use with a single metal detection line, feeding a KME K10 bagging press