Haylage Baler / Packing System

The haylage rebaling system is a remarkable innovation in agricultural technology, offering a streamlined process for converting large bales into smaller, more manageable sizes. This system not only enhances the marketability of haylage but also significantly increases profit margins. With the ability to process multiple product types, including hay and straw, the system ensures high-quality, airtight final products. The British-designed machinery is tailored to meet individual customer needs, allowing for customization in end product packaging size and machinery layout. This system represents a leap forward in efficiency and profitability for forage and bedding producers.

This system can be used for rebaling and packing hay and straw but doesnt come with dust extraction as standard. The dust removal feature is particularly noteworthy, eliminating over 95% of dust and mold spores, resulting in a cleaner product ideal for various uses.

Process Description Haylage / Baleage Baler :-

  • The large square / round bale haylage would be initially placed onto the walking floor and the wrapping and ties removed from the bales. The walking floor is capable of holding up to 4 off large bales. (this may vary depending on the size of bales used)

  • The material would then feed into the bale breaking system where a spiked conveyor and a special ‘Doffing’ system would thin the material out suitable for weighing.

  • The material feeds onto the weigh conveyor where the system automatically weighs out approx. 20 kg of the loose material.

  • Once the weight is achieved the weigh conveyor automatically feeds the weighed material direct into the packing unit.

  • The packing unit compresses the material down into the finished sizes pack direct into a plastic bag with nominal measurements of 600 x 400 x 220mm.

  • The bag is then manually sealed using a special twin seal heat sealing unit

  • The system is capable of being operated by one person @ a rate of approx. 80 packs per hour, With two operators the capacity of the system is up to approx. 100 x 20 kg packs per hour.

Haylage Breaking system.

  • To break-up large bales of Haylage, Baleage, Straw and Hay

  • Initially there would be a walking floor system to place the bales. The bales would be placed on walking floor which would be capable of holding up to 6 bales

High accuracy Weigh Conveyor mounted next to the bagging machine.

  • Once weight has been achieved the weighed material would be fed direct into the baling unit

  • Weighing unit is independent of the baling / bagging machine to increase the accuracy of the finished bale weight. NOTE:- Other manufacturers have the weigh scale internal with the baling machine which does not provide the level of accuracy we can offer.

  • High accuracy weighing unit which is calibrated to 0.1kg



Haylage Baler / Packing System


  • Bale size approx.:- 600 x 400 x 220mm This may vary slightly depending on the material and the size and specification of beg being used.

  • Bale weight:- From 20kg, depending on the type of material being packed and the model size chosen.

  • All internal contact surfaces are manufactured from stainless steel to prevent rusting of the internal surfaces.

  • walking floor which would be capable of holding up to 6 bales.

  • High accuracy weighing unit which is calibrated to 0.1kg

  • We utilise a high efficiency hydraulic power unit which allows us to reduce the running kw cost per bale, approx. 50% of other manufacturers.

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  • Produces high quality airtight final product

  • Production rate:- Up to approx. 180 bales per hour. This may vary depending on the moisture content of the material, nominally the moisture content should be around 35%.

  • Can rebale indoors out of the rain at own leisure - bale in the field in large bales for speed

  • System can be tailor made to each clients requirements

  • Generate a higher revenue per bale

  • Easy bales to handle

  • Convert 1 large bale to 15-20 bags, up to 180/hr

Haylage Baler / Packing System


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