form fill and seal system for baling haylage, miscanthus, hemp, wood shavings, straw, textiles, shredded card and paper

Form Fill & Seal

Our Form Fill & Seal systems form bags from a roll of film, which is then filled with the chosen material and sealed. The film can be pre-printed with company details to produce a branded product ready for sale.

The KME Form Fill & Seal baling machinery is available for small & large bag production and can be fitted to most of our existing machinery. It offers fully automated filling, weighing and sealing of bags for many industries and a wide variety of products - haylage, hemp, miscanthus, wood shavings, straw, hay, shredded paper/card, textiles, fiberous products etc

Form Fill & Seal


  • System equipped with a weighing conveyor for accurate bale volumes.

  • User friendly interface

  • Bale sizes can be set to customers requirements

  • Robot stacking available

The use of form fill and seal technology with hay, straw, and haylage offers a multitude of benefits, particularly in the agricultural and animal bedding industries. This innovative system allows for the efficient packaging of these materials into bales, which can range from 1kg to 25kg, suitable for a variety of uses from pet packs to larger animal bedding and feed products.

One of the key advantages is the significant reduction in packaging material costs, as it uses flat film instead of pre-made bags, which is not only cost-effective but potentially compatible with biodegradable films, contributing to environmental sustainability. Moreover, the high-quality bales produced are tightly sealed, ensuring product freshness and longevity, which is especially important for haylage as it requires an anaerobic environment to maintain its quality through fermentation.

The automation of this process also means reduced labor costs and increased production efficiency, with systems capable of producing up to 200 bales per hour. This technology represents a leap forward in agricultural processing, offering a streamlined, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution for baling and packaging.


  • It uses flat film instead of pre-made bags, which can save in packaging materials costs

  • Produces bales of very high quality

  • No plastic waste to handle

  • Compatible with Biodegradable film

Form Fill & Seal


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