Wiper Bagging Press

Wiper Bagging Press

Wiper Bagging Press

K10 Wiper Bagging press

Wiper Bagging Press. Shown above the K10 Bagging press for producing Compact Packages of Wiping Cloth material.

Comparison of 10kg boxed wiping cloth and the equivalent material packed into plastic bags using the Wiper Bagging Press.

The Wiper Bagging Press produces a package which is a modern alternative to the conventional cardboard box. With its compact design and ease of operation it will suit all companies looking for an alternative to the clumbersum, large and somewhat expensive cardboard box for the packaging of their processed wiping cloth materials. The benefits of this machine are as follows:-
Key Benefits:-

  • Low cost packaging (Approx. 25% of cardboard)
  • 50% Space saving on storage
  • Transport costs halved
  • Package easily carried
  • Contents are visible
  • Moisture proof pack
  • Easily stacked for transport / storage

Standard pack weights:- 2, 5, 10, 12, 15 & 25 Kg (from 5 to 50 lb)

K5 (10lb) Packs of wipers

K5 (10lb) Packs of wipers

With over 200 units currently installed worldwide they have been serving our customers well for over 20 years, the machine are built to a high standard using high quality components to ensure they have a life in excess of 20 years.

We were the original creator of these machines back in the 80’s and pride ourselves on a high quality machine, we may not always be the cheapest but in the long run we DO provide the most cost effective solution long terms.

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