Shavings Baler & De-Dusting System

Shavings Baler & De-Dusting System

Shavings Baler

Shavings baler System for processing bedding material which can include the following process equipment:-

  • Bale breaking machine for opening up the large bales
  • Dust extraction unit which will remove in excess of 95% of the dust from the product
  • Bagging unit to pack the shavings, straw bedding direct into a plastic bag
Shavings Baler

Shavings Baler

We have other machinery in the range for processing Haylage, Straw etc. for feed and bedding materials.

Additional equipment that can be used in conjunction with the above shavings baler :-

  • Straw Shredder for producing animal bedding
  • De-dusting system for the straw , wood shavinds and hay type products
  • Weighing conveyor

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