Used Beverage Container (UBC) balers

The UBC Auto Bale Press is designed for continuous, automatic baling of steel and aluminium cans. The material is fed to the machine through a top feed hopper by means of a conveyor, gravity or to suit customers requirements. The Press has an integrated control system for both electrical and hydraulic systems which incorporates a number of features to ensure operator safety. The main press ram compacts the material into the bale chamber where the cans bind together to give a high density bale which can be easily handled and stacked to decrease storage volume and increase weight by volume for transport. It can be incorporated into any material reclamation facility (MRF) or combined into a manual/magnetic sorting and weighing system

Machine Features:

  • High density bales
  • 40Ton main ram pressure
  • Fully automatic baling sequence
  • Small compact machine
  • ISO Standard bale size, suitable for efficient loading of container or trailer
  • High throughput
  • No special foundation required for installation
  • No wires required
  • Large feed opening

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