Twin Ram Baler – Fully Automatic

Twin Ram Baler – Fully Automatic

Twin Ram Baler – Two ram baling machine

Fully Automatic Horizontal Baling Press

Shred Station Baler Aries XL - bales-2

The Aries twin ram Baler suits the high production of many different materials, Including Plastic Bottles, UBC cans, Paper trim, Cardboard, Polythene sheet, Textiles, Foam scrap Etc.

With it’s 70 or 115 tons pressing force it produces a high density bale of up to 700kg in weight. (400kg>PET, 350kg>Foam, 700kg>Polythene, 600kg>Cardboard. All bale weights are approximate)

Machine is fully automatic and fitted with the Accent 470 wire tie with a capacity of up to 20 bales per hour. Unit can be fed by means of an infeed conveyor, Tipping Device, from above Mezzanine or directly from a MRF system.

Machine Features:

  • High density bales
  • 70Ton or 115ton baler options
  • Fully automatic baling sequence
  • ISO Standard bale size, suitable for efficient loading of container or trailer
  • Robust Accent 470 tying device, Low maintenance
  • High throughput of up to 20 bales per hour
  • No special foundation required for installation
  • Number of wires per bale can be varied according to material
  • Wire tie is flush with bale to prevent injury to personnel and damage to trailer curtains
  • Large feed opening

The Twin ram baler can be used as a standalone installation or as part of a larger recycling MRF system, It can also be used in conjunction with an in feed conveyor of which we design, manufacture to suit to exact requirements / application.

Shown below is an application with an infeed Chain Conveyor for the bulk loading of products and recyclable materials. typical material feed – Rigid plastics , Cardboard , Plastic Bottles , Cans , Foam etc.


Twin Ram Baler

Chain Conveyor Infeed

With over 60 units currently installed worldwide the unit is very reliable and robust and is serving our customers well in many different application and processing many different types of materials.

Three units recently sold to Martin Brower Ltd:- Follow NEWS Link

KME Ltd Video Page:- YOUTUBE Link

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