Mutilating Machine

The Mutilating machine has been designed with a completely unique cutting/feed system to the conventional machine with high speed cutting action. The 6 cutting blades cut through the material power by a single hydraulic cylinder on a cycle of approx. 30 seconds. The method of feeding the material is the key to achieving the high production rate where the material is fed through the blades @ 300mm (12″) thick (Not in single garment form as existing machines.) The slower cutting action lengthens machine and cutter life where on average a set of blades may last up to 3 months prior to sharpening.
Key Benefits:-

  • High production, Up to 2000 kg (4,000 LB) Dependant on material
  • Cutting blades have long life prior to re-sharpening
  • Compact size of machine
  • Positive unique feed system ensure constant throughput
  • 6 Cutting blades provide a perfect mutilation of garments
  • Simplicity in design ensures low maintenance cost
  • Combined feed and cut design leads to continuous operation. No Jamming
  • Easily installed within existing process
  • Low noise. (<80 dba)

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