For Sale – Refurbished 2nd hand machinery

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4 Bay picking line with Infeed chain conveyors

4 bay picking line

Simple 4 bay picking line with infeed chain conveyor

with Built in Horizontal metering conveyor.

  • Horizontal metering feed chain conveyor 1200mm wide 5m long.
  • Infeed chain conveyor 1200mm wide with side wall protection (suitable for transporting fines, glass etc.)
  • Main sort belt 1200mm wide slider bed
  • Electrical controls with variable speed control for the infeed and the sorting conveyor.
  • 4 bay picking station with 3.6 metre clear under the platform.
  • 3M wide bays x 4 off

4 bay drawing

Second hand eddy current.


Manufacuer. SGM Magnetics.

1000mm wide working width belt. At 1500mm cts.

Complete for catcher hood, diverter plate and control panel with speed controls.

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