Haylage / Baleage Packing System

Haylage / Baleage Baler

Up to 180 x 20 – 30 kg Packs per hour capacity

Process Description Haylage / Baleage Baler :-

  • The large square / round bale haylage would be initially placed onto the walking floor and the wrapping and ties removed from the bales. The walking floor is capable of holding up to 4 off large bales. (this may vary depending on the size of bales used)
  • The material would then feed into the bale breaking system where a spiked conveyor and a special ‘Doffing’ system would thin the material out suitable for weighing.
  • The material feeds onto the weigh conveyor where the system automatically weighs out approx. 20 kg of the loose material.
  • Once the weight is achieved the weigh conveyor automatically feeds the weighed material direct into the packing unit.
  • The packing unit compresses the material down into the finished sizes pack direct into a plastic bag with nominal measurements of 600 x 400 x 220mm.
  • The bag is then manually sealed using a special twin seal heat sealing unit.
  • The system is capable of being operated by one person @ a rate of approx. 80 packs per hour, With two operators the capacity of the system is up to approx. 100 x 20 kg packs per hour.

Haylage baler

Haylage Breaking system.

  •  To break-up large bales of Haylage, Baleage, Straw and Hay.
  • Initially there would be a walking floor system to place the bales. The bales would be placed on walking floor which would be capable of holding up to 6 bales.

High accuracy Weigh Conveyor mounted next to the bagging machine.

  • Once weight has been achieved the weighed material would be fed direct into the baling unit.
  • Weighing unit is independent of the baling / bagging machine to increase the accuracy of the finished bale weight. NOTE:- Other manufacturers have the weigh scale internal with the baling machine which does not provide the level of accuracy we can offer.
  • High accuracy weighing unit which is calibrated to 0.1kg

Haylage Baler / Packing Machine.

  • Bale size approx.:- 600 x 400 x 220mm This may vary slightly depending on the material and the size and specification of beg being used.
  • Production rate:- Up to approx. 180 bales per hour. This may vary depending on the moisture content of the material, nominally the moisture content should be around 35%.
  • Bale weight:- From 20kg, depending on the type of material being packes and the model size chosen.
  • We utilise a high efficiency hydraulic power unit which allows us to reduce the running kw cost per bale, approx. 50% of other manufacturers.
  • All internal contact surfaces are manufactured from stainless steel to prevent rusting of the internal surfaces.

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