Haylage and Straw Packing Systems


Initially there would be a walking floor to feed the straw / haylage large square bales (without wrap and string) up through the breaking system opening the material suitable for on feed.

The haylage material would fall directly onto the feeding conveyor and into the weigh conveyor and at a pre-set weight of approx. 20 kg would feed the material direct into the baling machine and bag the material direct into a plastic bag. The bag would then be sealed manually.

 Shredded Straw Bedding (Animal bedding)

When processing straw the material would be diverted away from the feed conveyor and feed directly into the shredding system. The pneumatic conveying and de-dusting system would suck / convey the shredded material from the shredder and directly through the delivery drum (De-Dusting’ unit and onto the weigh conveyor. Once a weight of approx. 12 – 14kg has been achieved the weigh conveyor would feed the straw bedding direct into the bagging machine for compaction directly into the plastic bag which would then be manually sealed. This produces a perfect clean straw bedding for many different types of animals.

Hay (de-dusted)

If you required to process hay without shredding but de-dusting the machine would work similar to the above description for the straw but the material would divert past the shredding unit, through the de-dusting system and feed into the weigh conveyor. The material would be packed though the packing machine in the same way as above direct into the bag at a weight of approx. 10 -12 kg. The material would be whole un-chopped and would have the dust removed.


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