Haylage Packing system sold to Russia for alfalfa hay

Haylage / Baleage Packing system for Alfalfa in Russia.

Alfalfa hay repacking system for russia

Haylage system @ 140 packs per hour

First Haylage Re-Packing system sold to Client near Moscow, Russia. The client will be packing Alfalfa Hay into compact air tight packs weighing 20kg. An automatic robot stacking unit is also being supplied for the finished packs.

Email for further Information:- andym@kenmills.co.uk

Link to video:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fUqKoOpU0c

We manufacture machinery for processing many types of products into feed / bedding, these typically would include Hay, Straw, Alfalfa, Lucerne, Wood Shavings, Baleage etc. for further information on our products and service please contact us on the email link above.

To date we have installed over 70 systems worldwide for processing Hay, Straw, Haylage etc. we have installations in Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, UK, Spain, Finland, Iceland etc. and now for the first time Russia

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