Agricultural America

KME’s first Agricultural processing system in America

american hay, agricultural machinery for USA

After months of promoting our agricultural machinery to the American market place we can confirm that we have now received our first trans Atlantic order from a producer based in Michigan.

The system will be processing hay, haylage & animal bedding such as chopped straw for retail to equestrians and other farm livestock. Taking large round or square bales of haylage ( baleage) or hay, breaking them up and de-dusting if necessary then repackaging them into small 20kg (40lb) airtight packs.

agricultural machinery for re packaging haylage, baleage, hay, etc

New 140 packs per hr haylage packing system.

The system is currently in production and should hopefully be landing in America in August 2016.

to view one of our systems in action please visit our youtube channel : Youtube TV

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